International Participant Information

International participants to our conferences are some of the most treasured relationships we build with our conference attendees. We hope to provide each participant with quality play therapy training and simplifying the difficulties of attending our conference as much as possible. Often, international participants have additional barriers to attending our conference over domestic participants. Below are a few suggestions to ease the process.

  • Registration payment may have to use a different payment portal specifically for processing international payments. If you have difficulty registering because it will not let you choose a location outside of the U.S., please contact us at and we will send you the link to the alternate payment system.
  • Begin the process early to ensure all government documents and permissions that are obtained in a timely manner. Governmental organizations are typically slow and are not always responsive to quick turnaround periods.
  • Ensure you have an understanding of what all is needed to attend our conference. Do you need a passport? Do you need a visa? Double check that you have all required forms and documents.
  • Once registration is complete, we can provide you with a Letter of Invitation if it is needed. Please email us at and include your name, what dates and workshops you plan to attend, and other information your government may need to approve your travel and attendance at our conference.

We are happy to help in a supportive role at the Center for Play Therapy. Let us know if you have any additional needs or requests that would ease your attendance to our conference. Looking forward to seeing you in Denton, Texas, USA!