[Non-contact CE Exam] Combo Course Package of Book and Video [18 units]

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Child-Centered Play Therapy Course Combo

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This self-study CE is designed for play therapists interested in learning the fundamentals of child-centered play therapy. First, The Art of the Relationship provides comprehensive information for creating therapeutic relationships with children and facilitating the play therapy process. The history and meaning of play are explored and current issues relevant to play therapy are reviewed. Essential skills relevant to play therapy are examined in-depth, and examples for applications are provided.  

Learning Objectives (for the text portion of the exam):

  1. Discuss the development and history of play therapy.
  2. Explain the function of play within the therapeutic process.
  3. Identify key concepts of child-centered play therapy (CCPT).
  4. Categorize types of facilitative therapeutic responses provided in play therapy.
  5. Assess the therapeutic intention of selected playroom materials.
  6. Describe personality characteristics of the play therapist that are conducive to the play therapy process.
  7. Evaluate therapeutic progress and indicators for termination within play therapy.
  8. Determine responses to typical problems encountered within the play therapy process.

Next, you will watch CCPT: A Clinical Session and see Dr. Garry Landreth conduct a child-centered play therapy session. Dr. Landreth will demonstrate the development of a therapeutic relationship while following the child's lead. The therapist facilitates the development of the child's strengths and demonstrates how to empower children by conveying an understanding of their inner world.

Learning Objectives (for the video portion of the exam):

  1. Describe the process of building a relationship with a child.
  2. Identify ways to build a child's self-esteem and return responsibility.
  3. Understand how to empower children by facilitating the development of their strengths.

18 non-contact hours. For the purpose of Criteria Verification Forms for RPT Credentialing Applications, this training covers 1 hour history, 14 hours seminal or historically significant theories, and 3 hours skills and methods.

This is a non-contact online CE exam. The purchase of this product does not include a book or DVD. In order to complete the exam, it is required to read the book "Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship" and watch the DVD "Child Centered Play Therapy: A Clinical Session". If you already have the book and the DVD associated with this CE exam, you can take this exam without purchasing them again. If you do not have them, you can purchase them in the Publications and Media sections of our products.

After watching the DVD and reading the book, you will complete a 80 question multiple choice exam. 18 non-contact continuing education units will be awarded upon achieving 80% pass rate on exam.

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