The Moustakas Collection (set of 2 DVDs)

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The Moustakas Collection includes our two DVD featuring reknown play therapy and humanistic psychology expert Clark Moustakas.

Relationship Play Therapy
A complete and unrehearsed play therapy session demonstrating:
* The process of building a relationship with a child
* Therapeutic limit setting
* The therapist enacting personal limits
* Therapist's use of self in participating in a child's play
* Responding to aggressive behavior
* Dr. Moustakas' ease in being with a child

Reflections on Relationship Play Therapy
Topics explored:
* The significance of patience in play therapy
* Activating the child's will
* Personal limits of the therapist
* The importance of the relationship in play therapy
* Following the child's lead
* Making emotional contact with a child
* Discovering the very best in children
* Setting limits in play therapy

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