DVD: 華人兒童與兒童中心遊戲治療一節臨床單元

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Child-Centered Play Therapy with Children of Chinese Cultures: A Clinical Session

翼如博士 - 兒童中心遊戲治療專家

本片紀錄了程翼如博士和一位華裔兒童的臨床遊戲治療單元,整段遊戲時間並沒有預先彩排, 真實地呈現了兒童中心遊戲治療的精䯝。程博士在單元期間示範了如何應用Axline的8個基本原則,也在片未探討她在過程中的感受和想法。

精華片段:程翼如博士和Dr. Dee Ray的訪談,討論如何將兒童中心遊戲治療的概念融入華人文化,提供有效的兒童心理治療。

featuring Dr. Yi-Ju Cheng, a leading expert in Child-Centered Play Therapy

This unrehearsed play therapy session demonstrates the use of child-centered play therapy (CCPT) with a child who identifies as Chinese. Watch as Dr. Cheng facilitates the development of the eight basic principles of CCPT. Then, listen as Dr. Cheng shares her process in a post-session interview.

Prior to the session, Dr. Cheng discusses her own journey as a play therapist and how CCPT can be a culturally responsive intervention with Dr. Dee Ray.

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