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The intent of this second edition book is to provide the essential structure, skills, materials, and resources needed to learn how to effectively conduct Child Parent Relationship Therapy training.

The parent-child bond holds much more emotional significance than the relationship between a therapist and a child. A parent acting as an agent for change in place of a therapist can result in significant therapeutic gains. Child Parent Relationship Therapy will help therapists train parents to work with their children by providing them with the basic child-centered play therapy principles and skills needed to conduct parent-child play sessions.

The CPRT Treatment Manual (2nd Ed.) used as a companion with the Child Parent Relationship Therapy Book provides the therapist with a complete package for training parents to act as therapeutic agents with their children. A companion website allows for printing the necessary training materials and accessing the manuals for the adapted models.

The manual has four major sections:
* Therapist Notebook - contains everything the therapist needs to conduct the 10-session Child Parent Relationship Therapy model
* Model Adaptations - includes descriptions of adaptations for toddlers, preadolescents, adoptive families, and teachers
* Parent Notebook - includes all the worksheets for parents
* Training Resources - includes supplemental training materials

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