This 2-day intensive training on the application of Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) will be a dynamic and hands-on time together to learn the practice and application of the CPRT 10-session model. Content will include detailed session by session use of the CPRT protocol, intensive applied practice and roleplay, supplemental resources, and clinical considerations for working with specific populations (12 CE hours); Prerequisite: Prior training and experience in CCPT and completion of 2-day Foundational CPRT workshop conducted by Garry Landreth and/or Sue Bratton. Also, please bring the CPRT Manual and a copy of the therapist notebook with you to the training.


Friday, February 2nd: 9am-430pm

Saturday, February 3rd: pam-430pm


1. Describe and apply CPRT sessions 1-10 content and process

2. Identify strategies for teaching CCPT skills within the context of group CPRT

3. Practice and role play supervising parent-child play sessions within the context of group CPRT

4. Discuss strategies for maximizing treatment effectiveness

5. Discuss strategies for responding to families with complex issues

6. Discuss considerations for specific populations and presenting issues including cultural considerations

7. Discuss strategies for screening and involving parents/caregivers in CPRT

8. Discuss modifications/adaptations including toddler, preadolescent, and teacher models

9. Overview of research findings, dissemination, and advocacy for CPRT