CE Contact Hours

Completion of CPRT 102 fulfills all CPRT 102 educational requirements towards certification.

Additionally, you will receive 12 total CE hours. For the purpose of Criteria Verification Forms for RPT Credentialing Applications, this training covers:
1 hours of Seminal or Historically Significant Theories, 
10 hours of Skills & Methods,
1 hour of Culture and Social Diversity.

We are an approved provider for Association of Play Therapy (APT provider 95-004), National Board Certified Counselors (Provider #3016), Texas Licensed Professional Counselor (In accordance to Texas Administrative Code, Title 22, Part 30, Rule 681.142), Texas Licensed Social Worker (provider #6720), and Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (In accordance to Texas Administrative Code, Title 22, Part 35, Rule 801.264).

Attainment of all levels of CCPT, CCGPT, and CPRT-Level 2 and Level 3 Certification require mental health licenses. Individuals who do not have mental health licenses or are not currently pursuing mental health licensure are eligible to complete CCPT 101 and CPRT 101. Individuals who do not have mental health licenses are eligible to attain certification as a Level 1- Certified CPRT Associate/Parent Educator. Play therapy CE credit is only eligible for mental health professionals or full-time graduate students in the mental health field. 

The Center for Play Therapy offers international CCPT, CCPT-S, CCGPT, CCGPT-S, CPRT, and CPRT-S certifications for mental health professionals working in other countries. The Center for Play therapy ensures that internationally certified CCPT, CCGPT, and CPRT therapists and supervisors are knowledgeable and experienced in CCPT, CCGPT, and CPRT, respectively; however, we do not ensure that international therapists are licensed in their field of study. The designation for international certification is Certified I-CCPT, Certified I-CCPT-S, Certified, I-CCGPT, Certified CCGPT-S, Certified I-CPRT, and Certified I-CPRT-S