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Take a Play Break Video Series

     Carol, Ahou, Torie, and Sara (the CATS) are the coordinators of the Play Therapy for schools across Denton and Little Elm ISD. We are part of UNT’s “Play for the Future” grant, dedicated to serving students in our area with evidence-based children’s counseling. While schools are closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to make some videos because we are missing our special play times with our friends in Denton and Little Elm, and we wanted to bring a little Play to your homes. Even though we can’t provide play therapy, we came up with some fun activities for you and your kids to enjoy! This video series is called “Take a Play Break”, 10-minute videos for children in Pre-K through 3rd grade to take a quick break and play along with a semi-structured video. While this is no replacement for play therapy, we hope it brings a little joy to your homes in this time of uncertainty.

Episode 1 - Bumblebee

A quick dance and drawing break to the tune of "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov. 

Episode 2 - Nature Mandala

Head outside to find leaves, flowers, and more, and use them to create a special picture called a mandala.

Episode 3 - Color Your Feelings

Describe your feelings using colors.

Episode 4 - Everyday Inventions

Use 3 items in your house and your creativity to create something new!

Episode 5 - Feelings Forecast

A video to get your kids talking about feelings and pretend to be a weather person. 

Episode 6 - Hop To It

Share your favorite things about yourself in this unique game of Hopscotch.

Episode 7 - Rock Pets

Meet team CATS' dogs and create your own special pet with a rock and your creativity.

Episode 8 - Yoga Cards

Stretch your body with a card game with yoga poses.

Episode 9 - One-Sentence Stories

Learn two new ways of telling stories by inviting friends and family to join in!

Episode 10 - Stay at Home Bucket List

Create a list of activities and goals for your time at home.