University Training Sites

CCPT / CPRT Training Sites

Texas Women University (TWU)

     Points of Contact: Dr. Pedro Blanco and Dr. Ryan Holliman

Southern Methodist University (SMU)

     Points of Contact: Dr. Brandy Schumann and Dr. Misty Solt

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) 

     Points of Contact: Dr. Phyllis Post and Dr. Kristie Opiola

University of Central Florida (UCF)

     Point of Contact: Dr. Dalena Dillman-Taylor

Texas State University (TSU)

     Points of Contact: Dr. Linda Homeyer and Dr. Sarah Blalock

*Disclaimer: These institutions provide training in Child-Centered Play Therapy and Child-Parent Relationship Therapy and they are in the process of becoming qualified certification training sites. For training in other play therapy approaches, follow the link below to the APT website.

Other Play Therapy Approaches

The Association for Play Therapy maintains a directory of play therapy providers and university-based centers for play therapy that offer play therapy training and supervision. Click here to find university-based centers for play therapy in your area.