Find a Play Therapist

Thinking about having your child attend therapy can be an overwhelming task. Below are several pointers to help you along the way.

If you live in or near Denton, TX, you can visit our Play Therapy Services for information about our counseling clinics that offer play therapy.

Tips and questions for finding a play therapist:

  1. Go to APT's website and type in your zip code to search for play therapists in your area. 

  2. Look at the list of play therapists that are located in your area.

  3. Ask the potential therapist what a typical session will be like for my child.

  4. Ask the potential therapist what training they have had in play therapy.

  5. Ask the potential therapist what will be your involvement with your child while he/she is in counseling?

Answers to common questions asked by parents about play therapy