Students FAQ

How do I become a play therapist?

According to Association for Play Therapy, play therapists have a masters or higher mental health degree from an institution of higher learning, a mental health license/certification for clinical practice, with specific instruction and experience in play therapy. For information on University of North Texas counseling degrees contact the UNT Department of Counseling and Higher Education. For information on play therapy courses/workshops contact us.

What is a registered play therapist (RPT)?

A registered play therapist is a mental health professional with training and experience working with children and families through the use of play therapy. An RPT has met specific criteria and is registered through the Association for Play Therapy.

How do I become a Registered Play Therapist (RPT)?

Association for Play Therapy (APT) is the organization responsible for all requirements in regard to becoming an RPT. In order to become a RPT, you must meet the minimum application criteria as specified by the Association for Play Therapy, and submit your application to:

Association for Play Therapy
3198 Willow Avenue, Suite 110
Clovis, CA 93612

For current information please contact the Association for Play Therapy.

What are the options for acquiring the 150 clock hours of instruction in Play Therapy?

1. Attend workshops or conferences approved by the Association for Play Therapy.

2. Enroll in Play Therapy graduate courses.
As of September 2005, the Center for Play Therapy gave control of this project to the Association for Play Therapy and the updated online training directory can be viewed at the Master Play Therapy Training Directory.

3. Enroll in our Continuing Education Web Courses. The Center for Play Therapy is proud to now offer non-contact Continued Education Units (CEUs) program. CEUs can be earned by viewing professional training videos, reading educational books, or a combination of both.

How do I enroll in UNT Play Therapy graduate courses?

Prospective master's and doctoral students, as well as non-degree seeking students who are interested in taking play therapy courses through the University of North Texas should contact the Counseling Program office at (940) 565-2910 for more information.

What should I do to prepare myself for a career in play therapy?

1. Become familiar with play therapy literature. Several foundational books in play therapy include:

  • Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship by Garry Landreth
  • Dibs In Search of Self by Virginia Axline
  • Play Therapy by Virginia Axline
  • Advanced Play Therapy: Esential Conditions, Knowledge, and Skills for Child Pratice by Dee Ray

Search through more than 2,000 articles, books and dissertations, categorized by subject, contained in the World of Play Therapy Literature.

2. Attend workshops and conferences on play therapy topics. The Center for Play Therapy hosts a 6 days of workshop for the Annual Summer Institute and an Intensive Supervised Play Therapy Experience every July, as well as a full-day workshop for our Annual Fall Conference

3. As an undergraduate student, take classes in child development, psychology, and human development. Investigate graduate schools closely as their GPA and GRE requirements may differ significantly. To aid you in your search of play therapy graduate programs, search the Master Play Therapy Training Directory.

Can I receive a doctorate degree in play therapy from the University of North Texas?

The University of North Texas offers a doctoral program in Counseling with a specialty area in Play Therapy. To receive the doctoral admissions procedures and application, contact UNT's Counseling Program at (940) 565-2910.

Where can I find a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor?

The Association for Play Therapy Member Directory lists Registered Play Therapists and Registered Play Therapist Supervisors by area.

I have contacted APT and there is not a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor in my area. Are there RPT Supervisors who provide telephone/video supervision?

Some RPT Supervisors do provide that special service. Those that The Center for Play Therapy is aware of are:

Dr. Geri Glover
P.O. Box 22933
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502
(505) 983-7652

Dr. Emily Oe
49th Street SW
Belfield, ND 58622
(701) 575-4594

Are there other ways to receive play therapy supervision?

1. The Center for Play Therapy Intensive Supervised Play Therapy Experience, available every July, is an excellent way to receive three days of intensive supervised experience in Play Therapy. Using two-way mirrors, videotapes, and live supervision, participants receive 32 hours of play therapy supervision. This opportunity is limited to 12 participants per year. Contact us about more information regarding this experience.

2. Attend the Association for Play Therapy post-conference supervision groups. For more information, contact APT.

3. Play Therapy conferences are held across the United States year-around and provide opportunities for acquiring knowledge and supervision in play therapy.